As we move into a new school year, we’re going back to basics at HERITAGE. Every once in a while it makes sense to ask the question, “Are we still aiming to do what we set out to do?”

At church that means asking, "Are we still doing what God has called us to do? Is what we’re doing faithful to God’s plan and purpose for our lives in this place with these people in this season of our lives?"

We’re asking those questions at HERITAGE now. As we get back to the basics of worship and discipleship and service, we’re figuring out how we can connect those basics with some things we know WE as a congregation need and that we believe our community needs, too.

As we focus on the three main functions of our church--worship, discipleship and service--we're also focusing on ways that we can use those functions to become more holy, more healthy and more whole.

We recognize that we need to find room in our lives to regularly connect with holy habits and practices. We need to find ways to simply be in the presence of a God who  grounds our lives and inspires our senses of awe and reverence. We need to find ways to be holy.

We need to find ways to be healthy, too--mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy--a health that comes from seeking balanced lives through growing relationships with other Christians modeled on our growing relationships with Jesus Christ.

And we’re looking for ways to feel whole. Life leaves all of us feeling fractured and disconnected, broken even. At HERITAGE we’re making it our mission to take broken and scattered and shattered places in our lives and families and communities and using all that God has blessed us with to make them whole again.

At HERITAGE we’re committed to finding and experiencing great joy in Jesus Christ as we work together to become people who are holy, healthy and whole. We’re looking for people to partner with us in that mission. If that sounds like something you might want for your life, we’d love it if you’d join us on the journey.

We worship every Sunday at 11. We’d love to see you then.