Sunday School and Home Groups

learning to be HEALTHY together

The second part of our Holy. Healthy. Whole. process of engagement is all about building healthy relationships through Christian discipleship groups. Christian disciples are people who actively follow Jesus. God's desire is that we become more like Jesus and God's intent is that we do it together. That's where our groups come in. When we read and discuss the Bible with others, we not only learn more about who God is, we also learn more about who we are. 

We encourage everyone from preschoolers to senior adults to gather with other believers in Bible study through Sunday School and other small group classes. These small groups help our members experience God in new ways and provide opportunities to become more spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy as we build supportive Christian relationships together.  

Our church provides classes for all ages and interests. Some groups are designed according to age groupings, some are gender-based, and some are based on studies of specific issues. Feel free to try out a class or two until you find the one that fits you best. Ask one of our greeters or ministers on Sunday morning to help you get connected to a small group.