GRAVITY explores themes of faith and self-discovery and captures the intersection of Christianity and the experience of the millennial generation in a uniquely powerful--and beautiful--way.  In four sessions, we'll explore what it means to be asking faith questions in today's context and discover the unique perspective of a generation shaped by the aftermath of 9/11 and the economic collapse of 2008. 

We'll get started by watching the entire film together on Wednesday, April 22nd at the Cherokee County Senior Services Center (1001 Univeter Road) with dinner beginning at 5:30.  Then we'll spend the next four Wednesdays learning what GRAVITY (and scripture) can teach us about success, failure, trust, loneliness, improvisation and survival.

Beginning April 29th, we'll meet for lunch and dinner--choose what's most convenient--each Wednesday through May 20th to discuss themes from the film. For more information, please contact Matt Sapp at