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"Missional" and "missional church movement" have become buzzwords in church life recently. The desire to be missional is a reflection of the call we feel to positively impact our communities. But it's all too easy, even as we strive to live out this call, to get trapped in a mindset that focuses on church success rather than mission. When we start thinking, "How can being missional grow my church?" we miss the very point of being missional!

Alan J. Roxburgh's book, Missional: Joining God in the Neighborhood uses biblical study and true stories to challenge and inspire us to discover what the Spirit is up to in our community and join in. This fall, our HERITAGE Home Groups will explore this book and what it means for us as a church together. As our church itself experiences a period of transition, this is a perfect time to listen to God's invitation and think about what it means to shape the church around God's mission.  

We would love for your voice to be a part of this conversation! You can sign up to join a HERITAGE Home Group now by clicking HERE