More Than Enough: A Series on Stewardship

During the month of January, we'll be exploring the question, "Why do we give?" At church, we ask a lot of you. We ask for your time, energy, attention, talent, presence--and, of course, your money. So, why do so many of you give so generously? And, why should the church be bold about asking some of you to give more?

As we move through our series in January, we'll discover that we are compelled to give in response to a happy, generous and energizing God whose greatest wish is that we might be blessed through a personal relationship with Jesus. So join us in January as we  reset our mindsets of scarcity to instead look at our lives as part of God's story of abundance. With God we are always promised more than enough.

Join us for worship in January. We worship each Sunday at 11 AM.