20 Thoughts About Spring

By Matt Sapp

By Matt Sapp

Spring is finally here. Flowers are in bloom. Trees are starting to break out in color. Everything is starting to turn  a new shade of green. 

There’s something special about spring. Spring is a season for pretending that you’re younger than you are, for finding vibrancy and energy that you lost somewhere during the winter. It is a season of rejuvenation, of optimism, of potential, of growth, of hope, and of new beginnings.

I've been working through our six week Healthy Minds/Healthy Bodies challenge. We’re in week five, so it’s almost over now, but it’s helped me focus on some of the better things in life. Here are a few things I'm already enjoying this spring and a few things still to look forward to.

1.       Braves baseball. The Braves are undefeated. They could go 162-0 in 2015, and part of me believes they will.

2.       A few minutes outside at the end of the day. During the week, I’m inside for most of the day, but as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, nothing beats a few minutes on the back porch in the sunshine with my dog.

3.       Good music. Familiar music. Music that defines an era of your life. A  good song has the power to evoke a memory, to create a mood, to bring a smile, to draw a tear, or to even make me laugh out loud. A good song at the right time has nearly magical powers.

4.       The pleasures of good conversation--with my wife mostly. It’s amazing what you can miss in today’s world if you’re not careful. So much intrudes upon our time that we have to make special efforts to preserve and treasure moments for simple, focused, uninterrupted conversation. Actually, if I’m being honest, it’s time with Julie—not the dog—that makes those few minutes outside at the end of the day so valuable.

5.       The joy of being well-rested.

6.       The escapism of a good book.

7.       The potential in sore muscles. The progress of a tired body.

8.       The focus of a clear mind.

9.       The wisdom of a spirit informed by scripture.

10.     The stillness of a soul calmed by prayer.

11.     The holiness of God’s blessing mixed with my best effort.

12.     The wholeness of a day intentionally balanced—unhurried and unrushed, but productive and without a moment wasted.

And a few things to look forward to…

13.   The smell of freshly cut grass and hamburgers on the grill.

14.  Baseball on the radio.

15.   Time by the water—any water, the lake, the pool, the beach, I don’t care.

16.   Fireworks.

17.   Live music outside.

18.   Restaurant patios.

19.   Open sunroofs.

20.   Easter Sunday.

Happy Spring. See you Sunday.