Whom God Has Called

By Matt Sapp

By Matt Sapp

In last Sunday’s sermon, I mentioned several CBF field personnel as we began our August emphasis on the CBF Offering for Global Missions. CBF has written some wonderful ministry profiles for our field personnel that describe the work to which God has called them, and I borrowed from those profiles in worship.

It made me wonder what our ministry profiles might look like if we were to write brief descriptions about our own Christian service.

For example, we have a member at HERITAGE who faithfully serves in our summer lunch program. Over eight weeks this summer she was always the first one to arrive, and she hardly missed a day.

Here’s what her profile might look like:

Myra Jones lives in Cherokee County, GA. God has called her to partner with her church and MUST Ministries to minister to families with children in need, many of them Spanish-speaking immigrant families, through a ministry called the Summer Lunch program. For eight weeks during the summer she meets at her church each weekday morning to receive food donations, sort them, assemble them into individual lunches and then to organize those lunches for distribution. She helps provide more than 400 lunches a day to needy children in her community for 40 days each summer. Through her service, she reminds us that God has a special concern for the most vulnerable people in our community.

Or try this one:

Linda Collett and Trish Fowler live right across the street from HERITAGE Fellowship: a Cooperative Baptist Church. God has called them to partner with their local congregation to care for the lonely and the grieving. They visit ailing members of that congregation and care for aging members who find getting to church difficult. They make calls and write notes. And when someone in their community passes away, they work to make sure that the family is cared for and fed during the funeral process. They quietly go around sharing God’s love when people need it most. When people are experiencing some of the toughest moments and chapters in their lives, Linda and Trish demonstrate that God is compassionate and caring.

Here’s one more:

Mark and Earlene Shadburn live in Waleska, GA. God has called them to do most of their work behind the scenes. When HERITAGE hosts a special event, Earlene comes the day before to decorate. Each time the church celebrates the Lord’s Supper, Mark and Earlene come early to prepare the communion table and stay to clean up after the service. Mark runs the sound board in worship and takes care of the building, doing minor repairs and maintenance and working with a team of volunteers to keep up the grounds. Earlene uses her embroidery skills to create special blankets for baby dedications. With diligence and devotion, Mark and Earlene make sure that their church is always ready to put its best foot forward so that people can experience God’s love when they arrive.

What would your ministry profile look like? Consider asking these four questions to construct your profile:

1. Where are you serving?
2. How are serving?
3. Who are you impacting?
4. How does it fit into God’s larger story?

Where do you live? What organizations do you partner with? What do you do? Who do you do it with/for? How are people being introduced to God through your work?

Are you a Sunday school teacher, a VBS volunteer, a member of the choir, a greeter, an usher, or a member of your church’s grounds crew? Do you serve on a committee or ministry team?

Do you volunteer at your local food pantry or non-profit organization? Are you active in your children’s schools? The point is, don’t overlook or undervalue the important work you are doing for God’s kingdom in your community.

If you have trouble identifying places where you’re serving, consider writing your profile as you’d like it to look a year from now. God calls all of us to serve. At HERITAGE, we say that in service to others we find wholeness in Christ. Being a disciple isn’t primarily about believing; it’s primarily about doing. We can’t be complete Christians until we make doing as Jesus did a priority.

So start writing your ministry profile today. I can see them forming now.

Susan is a stay-at-home mom whom God has called to partner with her church to teach 3-year-olds…

David is an auto mechanic whom God has called to work with teenagers on Wednesday nights…

In the Baptist church, we value the priesthood of all believers very highly. That means that every member has a responsibility to be a minister.

Each of us is one whom God has called.

See you Sunday.