Hurricane Florence

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of North and South Carolina and Virginia whose lives and homes have been affected by Hurricane Florence.  I have checked the CBF websites for both Global CBF and North Carolina CBF to see what options for response might be available for any of us at Heritage Fellowship who would like to assist.  Generally, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship waits to allow first responders to handle the immediate aftermath of a disaster until such time as CBF can determine a location that might have been overlooked in that initial effort.  

Here is the current advisory on the CBF Global website:

CBF Disaster Response continues to monitor the ongoing effects of Tropical Depression Florence in the Carolinas as well as Virginia. In consultation with CBF of North Carolina and local congregations, Alan Williams, CBF’s Disaster Response Specialist, will begin assessing damage and needs in various impacted communities. Williams will be joined by other team members and consultants over the next few days.

We will update this page when we have determined specific communities for CBF engagement and share opportunities for network and congregational involvement. Our priority is to assist neighborhoods that tend to be overlooked during disaster recovery.

As we prepare for response efforts, please be advised that CBF Disaster Response is not capable of handling donations of food, water, clothing and other material goods. However, we will be following up as quickly as possible regarding volunteer needs in specific communities.

CBF is accepting disaster response funds in preparation for the response efforts to Hurricane Florence. Churches and individuals wanting to contribute to Hurricane Florence Disaster Response can give online here. If you prefer, you may also give by mailing a check payable to “CBF” to:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
PO Box 102972
Atlanta, GA 30368-2972

Here is a prayer that was offered by Rev. Amy McClure, Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, NC on this past Sunday morning and posted on the CBF North Carolina website:

Present and Holy God,

We come before you this morning knowing that you hear our prayers at all times, so we offer up to you the things on our hearts and in our minds. 

This morning our minds are flooded with thoughts for so many who have been affected by Hurricane Florence. Even as we join together to come to you this morning in prayer, there are so many who are stranded in shelters, many who are soaking wet trying to wade through the water to get help, many senior adults who were unable to evacuate and are waiting to hear from family, and many who are not quite sure where the money will come from to do the necessary repairs to their damaged homes. For all of those people, we pray.  

We pray for our sister churches on the coast who are working diligently to help their communities in this time of crisis. We pray you will keep them safe, give them strength and energy, and equip them with the resources needed to come alongside so many in their communities.  

We pray for the children who are scared and aren’t quite sure they still have their toys, their pets, and their sense of security. Put people in their path who can love them well and calm their anxiety and stress.  

For the first responders and emergency personnel both on the coast and here who are working tirelessly to make sure all are safe, we give thanks for their dedication and pray that you keep them safe. We pray for their families who spend those moments worrying about them while they are out and pray you will give them a peace that only you can provide… 

With all of who we are, we give you thanks for Jesus, the one who came so that we may all have life and have it abundantly and the one who taught us to pray saying….”Our Father…”  Amen.

Let us at Heritage Fellowship add our prayers to that of Rev. McClure and pray for our brothers and sisters.