If you want to know who Jesus was, what he taught, and what he believed, you won't find a better place to start than the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 5-7 contains some of the most familiar, challenging and enduring teachings of Christ..

The Beatitudes are there. The Lord's Prayer is there. The Golden Rule is there. Instructions about worry, judging and wealth are there.

A life ordered around the ethical principles of the Sermon on the Mount is an AWESOME life, and even though the teachings are 2000 years old, they are surprisingly accessible and meaningful both to those just starting to explore Christianity  and to those who have been attending church all their lives.

So no matter how familiar you are with church or the Christian faith, we hope you'll consider spending Sundays this summer at Heritage for our Summer Worship Series, THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT: A Beginner's Guide To Being Awesome.

May 24th        A Beginner's Guide To Being Awesome
May 31st        Be Blessed
June 7th          Be Interesting
June 14th        Be Holy
June 21st        Be Generous
June 28th        Be Humble
July 5th            Be Measured
July 12th          Be Self-Aware
July 19th          Be Open
July 26th          Be Revolutionary
August 2nd      Be Wise
August 9th       Be AWESOME