Dear friends, 

          Two weeks ago I met a young woman named Susan, a 20 year old refugee from Burundi who was orphaned, abandoned and then exploited and abused once arriving in Kampala. The stress and exhaustion wore heavy on her face. In the middle of our conversation, she suddenly got on her knees, put her face close to my legs, weeped and begged, “Please help me. Please. Please help me.” She had run away from the man who was abusing her. She was homeless with no place to go. She had not eaten in several days. She knew that if she returned to the streets, the man who was abusing her would likely find her and abuse her further.
          Four years ago, I met a woman who similarly said,“Teacher, help me. Please help me." Claire was an 18 year old Congolese refugee who had also been abused and did not have a place to go. (You can read herstory here.) That was when my eyes were first opened to the abuse and challenges that female refugees in Kampala face. I knew then God had called me to Kampala to develop a program to help women like Claire and Susan. Now, thanks to God’s provision through your financial support, these women and girls not only have a place to go but are receiving the discipleship, counselling and training needed to re-build their lives through both the shelter and our social work programs.Susan is now safe. She has now enrolled in both English and our new vocational training program where she studies the Bible and receives group therapy as well as business and vocational training. Although this is the beginning of Susan’s journey to healing and transformation, I have seen God working profoundly in her life. She is now eating, smiling and praising God for His provision through these ministries.
         Thanks to your prayers and support, 18 women and children have been helped through our Women’s Empowerment Program that provides healing and rehabilitation to woman and girls who are at risk and in vulnerable situations. Additionally you have enabled and empowered us to minister to over 75 individuals and families in crisis or difficult situations in the last year.
        Your support is enabling us to share God’s hope and love with some of the most marginalised and neglected people in our world. Thank you for being apart of God’s incredible work in Uganda.  I’m grateful for each and every one of you, and I know the women benefiting from your support are as well.